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Greetings! This site is about the Green River and Maze Districts of Canyonlands National Park in Southeastern Utah. I have taken the trip by canoe from Mineral Bottom to the Colorado Confluence for several years in a row now, almost always in March. This seems to be one of the best times of year to go, as the crowds are nearly non-existent, the weather is generally moderate (although I have seen it snow a few times), and bugs are not a problem. I have also heard that late fall might be good, but then again I would be happy to go at any time of the year except perhaps the dead of winter. From the river it is an easy matter to access the Maze through Water Canyon. Powell canyon also provides access. It is a little harder but more direct and most importantly a lot of fun. The Maze can also be gained from the Colorado just below the confluence at Spanish Bottom, which can be reached by jet boat from Moab and makes a great trip in itself if you just want to hike.

shadow crow

Here are some photos of a trip I took in March of 2011 with Ron Vickrey of Ron's Island Grill and Man of Steel Randolph Hammond. On this trip we had the Tex's jet boat with the new turbo diesels drop us off at Spanish Bottom on the Colorado River from which we hiked up and into the Maze district of Canyonlands National Park, down into Shot and Water canyons, back up to the Maze, back down to Spanish bottom, and had the boat pick us up at the same spot a week later. We also lost a cooler. Here's a tip: don't leave anything unattended by the river without letting the park service know about it beforehand.

canyon thumbnail delicate arch thumbnail dollhouse thumbnail Shot Canyon Shot Canyon in the maze. here comes a storm hiking

These are some photos from previous trips down the Green River to the confluence by canoe, with side trips up to the Maze via Powell and Water canyons.

Anderson Bottom Panorama Anderson Bend Full potholes Storm over Anderson Bottom Pictographs Anasazi granary. Colorado River Dread Dance Floor Tree Granary Spring Powell Canyon Geese White Rim Turk's head Water and Stone Lizard Water Canyon Destroy the Sun!